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Wall decals to decorate schools and...


Decorate the walls of your school or institute with this fun educational vinyl composed of 12 comic speech bubbles full of good intentions; Love, dream, play, think, discover, imagine, respect, learn, look, experience, share, create. 


Approximate measurements of the mounted sticker (width x height)

Basic: 60x35cm

Small: 90x50cm

Medium: 110x75cm

Large: 150x100cm

Giant: 220x145cm

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  • -15%

Children's stickers for schools and...


At StarStick we love to decorate reading spaces and help create pleasant environments that foster a love of books.


Approximate measurements of the sticker installed (width x height)

Basic: 70x50 cm

Small: 100x60cm

Medium: 130x80cm

Large: 180x120cm

Giant: 220x150cm

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    Choose language! Today will be a great day...


    Bring your walls to life with a touch of positivity thanks to our decorative wall decals. Explore our exclusive StarStick quotes, designed to add a special touch to your environment.


    Approximate measurements of the mounted stickers (width x height)

    Basic : 50x50 cm

    Small : 80x80 cm

    Medium : 100x100 cm

    Large : 150x150 cm

    Giant : 200x200 cm

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    School decoration - Library - Wall...


    Wall stickers with the word Library and complementary figures. A great idea to decorate the walls or doors of educational centers creating pleasant and orderly spaces. There are different posters from the same collection, combine them according to the needs of your center. You can customize them with the size that best suits your center and with the language you want.

    Approximate measurements of the mounted vinyl (width x height)

    Basic: 75x50 cm

    Small: 110x80 cm

    Medium: 140x100 cm

    Large: 200x140 cm

    Giant: 260x180 cm

      WHO ARE WE?

      Starstick, we are a team of artists made up of Xevi, Marta and Carina, providing Art for children since 2014. More than 45,000 families❤️ have already enjoyed our creations and children's stickers in their homes.


      There are no words to describe the magic and vitality that our vinyls bring to your son or daughter's favorite space. It's really amazing! It looks like magic! 😊


      Each of our designs is carefully created to awaken the imagination and joy in the smallest. 


      Make their world a place full of illusion with our Starstick children's stickers!

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      Stickers muraux - Mount and moon - Wall...


      Decorative vinyl to create environments full of design and elegance. Pack with different shapes printed on high quality vinyl. Exclusive StarStick products.


      Sizes(width x height)

      Basic: 20x53cm

      Small: 30x79cm

      Medium: 36x95cm

      Large: 60x155cm

      Giant: 67x174cm

        Wall stickers - Colored brushstrokes


        Decorate your living room, dining room, hall or the wall that you most want, with this elegant decorative vinyl. You can make a combination of two or three colors, or purchase the pack in a single color. A very original, easy and economical way to give a radical change to your walls.



        Sheet size: 26X60cm

        Number of lines: 115

        Approximate mounting size: 150x100 cm

        Size of each line: Between 2 and 3 cm wide

        • -20%

        Decorative vinyl for the home - Rainbow...


        Design vinyl to decorate the walls of bedrooms, living rooms or halls. Pack with a rainbow and a semi sphere in natural tones. Each element is independent, stick it on the wall with the combination you prefer and give your home a modern and elegant air.

        Approximate measurements of the mounted vinyl (width x height)

        Basic: 30x45cm

        Small: 60x45cm

        Medium: 70x52cm

        Large: 105x75cm

        Giant: 135x100cm

          Wall decals - Mosaic Terrazzo - Ocher



          Sheet size: 26X60cm

          Number of pieces: More than 200 units

          Approximate mounting size: 125x100 cm

          Size of the pieces: Between 1 and 7 cm wide each

          • -20%


          Decorative print - The great balance -...


          Decorative sheet in earth tones. It can be installed alone to achieve an elegant and minimalist effect or combined with other paintings from the same collection, creating a spectacular collage. All our prints can be purchased with or without a frame. Start customizing your walls now, StarStick makes it very easy for you.


          Material: Premium print on fabric canvas

          Frame: Optional

          • -25%

          Welcome - Design posters


          Welcome. Minimalist style decorative sheet. A charming detail to elegantly decorate any living room or hall. You can choose language and size.


          Material: Premium print on fabric canvas

          Frame: Optional

          • -25%

          Decorative paintings - Family… Where life...


          Decorative wall paintings with original phrases full of meaning. Unique designs, customizable in size, color and language. Perfect for decorating the walls of your home, providing a touch of modernity, fun and design. Consult the entire catalog and redecorate your walls in no time.


          Material: Premium print on fabric canvas

          Frame: Optional

          • -25%

          Pack with 2 paintings - Girl with rocket -...


          Girl dressed as an astronaut exploring space aboard her rocket. Discover the magic of decoration with StarStick's customizable paintings.


          Material: Premium print on fabric canvas

          Frame: Optional

          • -25%


          Transform your spaces into unique places with the magic of StarStick's decorative stickers and wall decals. We offer exceptional decorative products designed to fill any environment with charm.

          Explore our wide variety of stickers for every occasion, from options for children's spaces to proposals for home decor, stickers for educational centers, offices, and work areas, and even decals for health centers and hospitals.

          Immerse yourself in our fascinating universe and discover the diversity of models we have prepared for you. If you're looking to decorate a child's space, at StarStick, you'll find spectacular mural stickers ideal for babies, boys, and girls, customizable decorative stickers with the baby's name, height charts, and chalkboard decals, among other fantastic decorative ideas.

          We also have a collection of children's artwork that you can explore and are sure to surprise you.

          For the little ones who are no longer so little, StarStick presents the best decorative stickers to transform their rooms into youthful environments, creating pleasant atmospheres for young people and teenagers.

          If your goal is to beautify the walls of your home with unique decorative stickers that suit your style and personality, check out our Decorative Stickers section. You'll find a wide range of ideas and options to enhance the walls of any area of your home, whether it's the dining room, the living room, or the kitchen.

          StarStick also stands out for offering the most comprehensive catalog of stickers for educational centers in the market, covering options for libraries and classrooms to school cafeterias, learning environments, and laboratories. For those who prefer to decorate walls with paintings and prints, no problem. All the models that StarStick offers in sticker format are also available in a framed version.

          Enter our online store now and start transforming your spaces with style and originality with our decorative stickers!