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Pirates Baby baby sticker - Decorative children's stickers for babies and children

Reference: Star228

Approximate measurements of the mounted children's vinyl (width x height)

Small: 100x50cm

Medium: 145X80cm

Large: 200x100cm

Giant: 250x150cm


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Pirate Meter - Children's vinyls

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Vinyl meter wall. A good idea to decorate children's rooms and at the same time control the growth of your little ones.

vinyl measurements

Size of the mount with the clouds: 135x35 cm

Sheet size: 135x30cm

Includes 16 labels to mark what you want!

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Children's wall sticker "Pirates Baby"

Turn your walls into a fantastic world of pirates! If you are looking for a decorative vinyl of pirates for your little one's or little girl's room, this is your vinyl. Wall stickers with impressive drawings and high-quality material.


Sheet size: 30x43 cm
Mount Size: 70x50cm
Size main figures:
Pirate ship: 29x25cm
Island: 14x15cm
Shark: 9x4cm
4 Clouds between 4 and 6.5 cm wide each.
Sun: 7x7cm

Sheet size: 45x60 cm
Mount Size: 100x50cm
Size main figures:
Pirate ship: 39 x 44.5cm
Island: 25.5 x 21cm
Shark: 13 x 6.5cm
4 Clouds between 9 and 10 cm wide each.
Sun: 10x10cm

Sheet size: 67.5x60 cm
Mount Size: 145X80cm
Size main figures:
Pirate ship: 49x55cm
Island: 29x27cm
Shark: 16x8.5cm
4 Clouds between 11 and 13 cm wide each.
Sun: 13x13cm

Sheet size: 135x60 cm
Mount Size: 200x100cm
Size main figures:
Pirate ship: 65.5 x 74.5 cm
Island: 43 x 35.5cm
Shark: 22x11cm
4 Clouds between 13 and 18 cm wide each.
Sun: 17.5 x 17.5cm

Sheet size: 100x60 cm
Mount Size: 250x150cm
Size main figures:
Pirate ship: 85.5 x 97.5cm
Island: 56x46cm
Shark: 29x15cm
4 Clouds between 19 and 23 cm wide each.
Sun: 23x23cm

Pirate wall stickers for children and babies :: Children's wall stickers :: StarStick pirate wall stickers for children and babies

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