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Pirates of the treasure - Children's wall stickers for boys and girls

Reference: Star076

Basic: 70x40cm

Small: 95x55cm

Medium: 140x60cm

Large: 200x85cm

Giant: 265x110cm


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Pirate Meter - Children's vinyls

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Vinyl meter wall. A good idea to decorate children's rooms and at the same time control the growth of your little ones.

vinyl measurements

Size of the mount with the clouds: 135x35 cm

Sheet size: 135x30cm

Includes 16 labels to mark what you want!

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Pirates of the treasure - Children's wall stickers for boys and girls

Decorate your children's room with the cheerful and daring StarStick decorative vinyls. Children's vinyls capable of adding a touch of adventure and fun to any space. With this model you can create a fantastic scene of pirates in search of treasure. An authentic adventure that your little ones will surely love. Our children's vinyls are very easy to install and are made with high-quality materials, which guarantees exceptional durability and spectacular results.


Sheet size: 40x30 cm
Mount size: 70x40cm
pirate ship: 31x27cm
Little boat: 14x11 cm
1 Shark: 8.7x5cm
Island: 13x14cm
Clouds: 4 units
1 bird: 3.5x4cm

Sheet size: 45x60cm
Mount size: 95x55cm
pirate ship: 47x42cm
Boat: 21x17 cm
Island: 21x21cm
Shark: 13x8cm
Clouds: 4 units
1 bird: 5.5x6cm

Sheet size: 67.5x55cm
Mount size: 140x60cm
pirate ship: 56x50cm
Little boat: 26x20 cm
Island: 25x25cm
1 Shark: 15x9cm
Clouds: 4 units
1 bird: 6.5x7.5cm

Sheet size: 135x60cm
Mount size: 200x85cm
pirate ship: 81x71cm
Boat: 39x29 cm
Island: 35x35cm
1 Shark: 22x12cm
Clouds: 4 units
1 bird: 10x10cm

Sheet size: 135x100cm
Mount size: 265x110cm
pirate ship: 100x92cm
Small boat: 47x38 cm
Island: 45x45cm
1 Shark: 29x18cm
Clouds: 4 units
1 bird: 13x11cm

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