What is a vinyl?

A vinyl is an ideal self-adhesive material to paste on walls or smooth surfaces. There are different types of vinyl, specifically the vinyl used in our products is a high quality polymetric vinyl, with a matte finish.

Where can I put a vinyl?

StarStick vinyls can be stuck on smooth interior walls and surfaces.

What are the placement steps?

To see the placement steps you can consult the followingvideo.

Can a vinyl be placed on rough gotelé-type walls?

It is possible to stick a vinyl on a wall with a slight roughness but the durability will probably not be the same as on a smooth surface. In addition, the application must be done very carefully to avoid air pockets that cause the vinyl to detach from the wall. From StarStick, whenever you want to paste a vinyl on a slightly rough surface, we recommend using a hair dryer in the final gluing process to facilitate maximum curvature of the vinyl, adapting to the shape of the wall. In addition, when applying heat, the vinyl glue melts more easily and consequently it sticks more easily. For more information, consult the videos and installation instructions. If you want you can request a free vinyl sample to test. To do this you just have to send an email to samples@starstickvinilos.com with your postal address.

What are the turnaround times?

The delivery time is normally 48 hours for products in stock and 7-15 days for the rest. When ordering, it is very important to indicate a contact telephone number to facilitate delivery in case you are not at home when the order arrives.

Can I save the vinyl and paste it later?

If there is no problem, all you have to do is store it in a flat and dry place.

Can I customize a vinyl?

In most cases it is possible to print a vinyl in a different size than the one that appears on the web or change the direction of the drawing. To do this you have to call or send us an email and we will confirm if the changes you want can be made or not.

Can the vinyls be washed or wet?

No. The vinyls do not have special protection on top of the ink. If you intend to put a vinyl on a glass or surface that has to get wet, we can apply a non-visible film that will allow you to wash the vinyl as many times as you want without it being altered by cleaning products. If you are interested in this type of material, you can request information and prices without commitment.

Will I have to cut out the different pieces?

No. All the pieces that make up a vinyl are completely cut out following the shape of the drawing, and can be glued with the distribution that each one likes. They all come glued on the same sheet but each one of them is totally independent.

I have a vinyl and it peels off. What is the problem?

If your vinyl presents problems, send us photos and we will assess what it may be due to, but possibly the reasons may be derived from:

- Do not wait at least 2 weeks after painting

- That there is dust or dirt on the wall if it has not been painted again

- Whether it is a wall with environmental humidity or a very cold wall

- That it was not pressed enough at the time of placement

- That the wall is not very smooth and has roughness

How are vinyls removed?

To remove a glued vinyl, we recommend first heating the vinyl, without touching it, with a hair dryer to make the glue melt and it can be removed more easily. Don't pull it off with a hard pull, pull slowly around a corner and pull off little by little.

Do they leave marks when the vinyls are removed?

If a vinyl has been glued for a long time, it is possible that when it is removed, the silhouette is left on the wall due to the glue of the vinyl itself. If the advice given above is followed to remove them, it is easier for there to be no marks, but inevitably over time the walls change color and the back of the vinyl, this change will be different from the rest of the wall.

Once I have pasted the vinyl, can I change its location?

Vinyls are not removable. At the time of installation we can make small changes but it is advisable that when we paste it we are sure of the place where we want it since moving it could damage the material.

What will I receive when I buy?

When you buy a vinyl you will receive a cardboard box with the vinyl, a sheet with installation instructions and, if your order exceeds 95 euros, a free installation spatula.

Can I change or pay a vinyl?

If when you receive the vinyl you don't like it, you can exchange it for another or ask for a refund. In both cases, the transportation costs to send us the vinyl will be at your expense. If it is in perfect condition, as soon as we receive it, we will pay you the amount of the purchase or we will send you a new vinyl.