Instructions for placing vinyl

Before starting

1. If you want to wait a few days before sticking the vinyl, do not store it inside the box, leave it in a flat place without humidity.

2. Make sure the surface where you want to apply the vinyl is clean and dry. We advise you to pass a cloth before applying the vinyl to remove dust. If the wall is freshly painted, wait a minimum of 2 weeks before applying the vinyl. Keep in mind that if the paint is in poor condition, the placement and duration of the vinyl may be affected.

3. Our decals are printed with inkjet so they cannot be rubbed directly as they could discolor.

4. Vinyls are for smooth surfaces. From StarStick we do not guarantee the correct adhesion on rough walls. If your wall is slightly textured and you decide to apply vinyl, pay special attention to the final step of vinyl application.

5. Anti-stain paints allow the wall to be washed but they also repel the adhesive and ARE NOT SUITABLE. There are several brands on the market like Ultra Resist.

And now yes... Let's start!

colocacion vinilo de pared

Spread the vinyl on a flat surface and run a spatula, cloth or stiff card across the sheet, pressing so that the vinyl sticks to the carrier paper (transparent paper).

instrucciones colocacion vinilos de pared

Without removing any of the protective sheets, cut out each of the pieces that make up the mural with scissors, leaving enough margin all around. If your vinyl is in one piece, you do not have to cut it.

vinilos infantiles colocacion

Present the vinyl on the wall holding each piece with masking tape or similar (the less adherent the better).

como colocar vinilos de pared

Start peeling off the white backing paper (paper next to the wall) in a downward direction, never toward you. Attention: Do not remove the carrier film that remains on top of the vinyl! As you remove the backing paper, run the spatula or a cloth over the vinyl to remove any air pockets that may remain. You don't have to do it very hard. Try to rub only above the silhouettes to avoid the glue of the transport paper being marked on the wall.

como colocar vinilos de pared

Once the vinyl is pasted on the wall, slowly remove the carrier paper, paying attention so that the vinyl is not ripped off. Once all the carrier paper has been removed, go over the vinyl again, mainly at the ends. Attention! Do not directly scrub the vinyl. To carry out the review, use a piece of transparent paper folded in half to protect the vinyl as shown in the photo, otherwise you could unpaint it. To ensure the best adhesion, you can apply heat to the vinyl with a hair dryer and gently press the different pieces. If your wall is slightly rough, this step is unavoidable.

colocacion vinilos de pared
If the vinyl consists of different pieces, repeat the same process for each one of them.

Can a vinyl be placed on rough gotelé-type walls?

It is possible, although not recommended, to stick a vinyl on a wall with a slight roughness but the durability will probably not be the same as on a smooth surface. In addition, the application must be done very carefully to avoid air pockets that cause the vinyl to detach from the wall. From StarStick, whenever you want to paste a vinyl on a slightly rough surface, we recommend using a hair dryer in the final gluing process to facilitate maximum curvature of the vinyl, adapting to the shape of the wall. In addition, when applying heat, the vinyl glue melts more easily and consequently it sticks more easily. For more information, consult the videos and installation instructions. If you want you can request a free vinyl sample to test. To do this you just have to send an email to with your postal address.