Personalized children's hanger - Curve

    Personalized children's hanger - Curve

    Reference: Pen Star003

    Organize your home with these fun name hooks.

    Each pack includes a wooden hanger + a vinyl sheet.

    Vinyl size: 11x5cm

    Hanger size: 6 cm long x 3 cm diameter


    Product customization

    • Tetris azul
    • Tetris amarillo
    • Tetris naranja
    • Tetris verde
    • Tetris lila
    • Tetris rojo
    • Party azul claro
    • Party azul oscuro
    • Party lila
    • Party rosa
    • Party fucsia
    • Party verde
    • Party naranja
    • Nordic azul
    • Nordic gris
    • Nordic lila
    • Nordic rosa
    • Nordic naranja

    Children's hanger with personalized vinyl "Curve"

    Hanger + vinyl with name

    detailed measurements

    Vinyl size: 11x5cm

    Hanger size: 6 cm long x 3 cm diameter

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    Product Details

    Product details

    All the pieces that make up the murals are independent and can be placed with the composition that each one prefers. All of them are delivered glued on a single sheet.  Can be seen in the installation instructions.
    The sheet size corresponds to the size of the support where all the pieces of the mural are glued.

    The mount size: is the approximate surface that the sticker will occupy once it is stuck on the wall. These measurements are approximate and may vary depending on the distribution that each person makes of the different pieces that make up the sticker.

    The detailed measurements of the stickers may have a variation due to the printing and handling process.

    The colors shown are indicative, they may vary depending on the configuration and screen of each device.

    Sticker specifications

    StarStick decorative stickers are printed with eco-solvent inks on high-quality polymeric sticker. They have a matte finish.

    Installing a wall decal is an easy and quick way to transform any space and give it a personalized touch. Below, we will show you how simple it is to place a wall decal and get spectacular results.

    Separate the pieces

    Present the pieces on the wall with tape

    Place the pieces and remove the protective paper


    Before starting

    1. If you want to wait a few days before sticking the sticker, leave it in a flat place without moisture.

    2. Make sure the surface where you want to apply the sticker is clean and dry. We advise you to pass a cloth before applying the vinyl to remove dust. If the wall is freshly painted, wait for it to dry completely. Note that if the paint is in poor condition, the placement and duration of the vinyl may be affected.

    3. Our stickers are inkjet printed, so they cannot be scrubbed directly as they could remove the paint.

    Can a sticker be placed on rough gotelé-type walls?

    Yes. Just keep in mind that the final result will be highlighted. Many of our customers have installed StarStick stickers on walls that have a slight gotelé and are delighted.

    To install stickers on rough surfaces you have to use a sponge or cloth instead of the placement spatula.

    We recommend starting with a small sample to check the result. You can order it by sending an email to, indicating your details and postal address.

    We ship worldwide!

    Configure your delivery address in the "Shopping cart" section and you will be able to find out the transport companies that operate in your area and their respective rates.

    In any case, home deliveries will be made on working days.

    In orders for several items, a single shipment will be made that will correspond to the item whose delivery time is longer.


    Set your address in the cart and you will be able to see the various delivery options available. In a few seconds, you will have access to a complete list of transport companies that operate in your area and their respective rates.

    If your purchase exceeds €300, delivery will be completely free.

    Some international transport agencies ask for a DNI/NIE or passport number of the recipient to send the orders.
    If the delivery address is in a country outside the EU, the package will have to go through Customs and may be subject to taxes. In this case, the DUA expenses will be borne by the buyer. For more information you have to contact the local authorities.


    The company responsible for shipments in Spain is Correos Express.

    The delivery service is 24 hours to which must be added the order preparation time.

    The total indicative period is 2-7 days.

    Shipping costs are free for Spain (except islands) from €50 of purchase, orders under €50 have a cost of €3.50 for Spain (except islands).

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    ***Shipments to the Canary Islands are subject to payment of import duties and taxes, as well as local customs.***


    Small packages contracted through Correos Postal (ordinary Post Office) have a delivery time of 5-8 days, once the product has been manufactured. This type of transport does not allow the tracking of the package and the delivery is not made by hand, the package will be left in the mailbox.

    Where can I place a vinyl?

    StarStick wall stickers are versatile and can be installed on a wide variety of smooth or slightly embossed surfaces. You can give life to your walls, furniture and even with gotelé. The possibilities are endless!

    What are the placement steps?

    Placing a decorative vinyl is a quick and easy way to transform any space and give it a personalized and great touch. Next, I will show you how easy it is to place a decorative vinyl and achieve spectacular results:

    separate the pieces

    Present the pieces on the wall with tape

    Place the pieces and remove the protective paper


    To see an example of placement you can consult the following video on YOUTUBE

    What are the turnaround times?

    The delivery time is normally 48 hours for products in stock and 2-7 days for the rest. When placing the order it is very important to indicate a contact telephone number to facilitate delivery in case you are not at home when the order arrives.

    Can I change or pay for a vinyl?

    If you don't like the vinyl when you receive it, you can change it for another one or request a refund of the money. In both cases, the transport costs to send us the vinyl will be borne by you. If it is in perfect condition, as soon as we receive it, we will refund the purchase amount or we will send you a new vinyl. Personalized products with name or colors CANNOT be returned.

    Can a vinyl be placed on rough gotelé-type walls?

    Many clients stick them on gotelé and rough walls without problems, only that the result will be embossed.

    It is best to place it with a cloth or sponge and not use the spatula and start with a small piece to see the result.

    If you have doubts we can send you a sample by letter. To do this you only have to send an email to with your postal address.

    Can I save the vinyl and paste it at another time?

    If there is no problem, all you have to do is store it in a flat and dry place.

    Can I personalize a vinyl?

    In most cases it is possible to print a vinyl in a different size than the one that appears on the web or change the direction of the drawing. To do this you have to call us or send us an email and we will confirm if the changes you want can be made or not.

    Can vinyl be washed or wet?

    No. The vinyls do not have special protection on top of the ink. If you intend to put a vinyl on a glass or surface that has to get wet, we can apply a non-visible film that will allow you to wash the vinyl as many times as you want without it being altered by cleaning products. If you are interested in this type of material you can request information and prices without obligation.

    Will I have to cut out the different pieces?

    No. All the pieces that make up a vinyl are completely cut out following the shape of the drawing, and can be glued with the distribution that each one likes. They are all glued on the same sheet but each one of them is completely independent.

    I have a vinyl and it peels off. What is the problem?

    If your vinyl has problems, send us photos and we will assess what it may be due to but possibly the reasons may be derived from:

    - Do not wait at least 2 weeks after painting

    - That there is dust or dirt on the wall if it has not been painted again

    - Whether it is a wall with ambient humidity or a very cold wall

    - That there has not been enough pressure at the time of placement

    - That the wall is not very smooth and has roughness

    How do you remove the vinyls?

    To tear off a glued vinyl we recommend first heating the vinyl, without touching it, with a hair dryer so that the glue melts and can be removed more easily. Don't yank it off, pull slowly from a corner and start slowly.

    Do they leave marks when the vinyls are removed?

    If a vinyl has been stuck for a long time, it is possible that when we remove it, the silhouette will remain marked on the wall due to the glue of the vinyl itself. If the tips given above are followed to tear them off, it is easier for them not to leave marks, but inevitably with the passage of time the walls change color and the back of the vinyl this change will be different from the rest of the wall.

    Once I have pasted the vinyl, can I change its location?

    The vinyls are not removable. At the time of installation we can make small changes but it is advisable that when we paste it we are sure of the place where we want it since moving it could damage the material.

    What will I receive when I buy?

    When you buy a vinyl you will receive a cardboard box with the vinyl, a sheet with installation instructions and, if your order exceeds 95 euros, a free installation spatula.