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Customizable children's paintings

If you want to decorate children's rooms with design paintings, posters, or canvases, trust StarStick. We are one of the largest online stores dedicated to selling design children's decor products. Since our inception, we have focused on creating artworks specifically designed for the little ones at home, from decorative vinyls to framed paintings or posters. And today, you can find hundreds of models on our website. All created with the utmost attention to detail to beautify the rooms of the little ones.

Original proposals to decorate shared rooms

Are you looking for an original way to decorate your children's room? Do you want to create a unique space full of life? You have come to the right place!

Discover the StarStick Universe!

Do your kids love astronauts, rockets, and space travel? If so, this news is for you. Introducing StarStick's children's wall decals, specially designed to decorate the rooms of authentic astronauts. ✨ Decals to turn their spaces into fascinating universes full of joy, color, and fun. Super TOP murals that will make their dreams shine like stars in the night!

Lovely proposals to decorate baby rooms

The arrival of a baby is a magical moment, and what better way to celebrate that joy than by creating a charming environment with our irresistible wall decals. At StarStick, we understand the importance of every corner in your baby's room reflecting love, tenderness, and creativity. That's why we present to you an exquisite collection of decals that will make each moment even more special.

Ideas to decorate school cafeterias

Discover how to transform school cafeterias with Starstick children's vinyl and create a fun and welcoming environment for children.

Stickers to decorate schools and educational centers

Transform your school or educational center into a truly exceptional and welcoming space with the innovative range of decorative stickers from StarStick. Unique sticker designs created to redecorate educational centers in an original, easy, and fast way.

Creative Ideas for Decorating Children's Reading Spaces

If you're thinking of creating a reading nook for the little ones, don't miss this post full of inspiring ideas that will transform your space into something truly special.

Transform your children's room with StarStick Children's stickers

Children's decals are an exceptional choice to add a cheerful and charming touch to the rooms of kids and babies, creating a pleasant and fun environment for the little ones at home.

Chalkboards: Gifts Unique and Original for this Christmas

If you're looking for an original gift that combines excitement, fun, and creative stimulation for the little ones at home... Look no further! Purchase a fun vinyl board from Starstick now. The perfect gift for all year.