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With our wall stickers, your room will become a haven of imagination and fun. Let your creativity fly high and every day be a new adventure in your room!⭐ To infinity and beyond!


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Wall stickers for children Decorative wall stickers to decorate children's rooms. Original and unique wall stickers from StarStick. Design vinyls with drawings of astronauts, pirates, robots, rockets, superheroes, planes, animals, stars... Very fun vinyls with which you will turn your walls into spaces full of art. Children's wall stickers printed with high quality and drawn exclusively for the StarStick brand. If you are looking for a wall sticker for your child's room, you are in the best place. Fun and colorful vinyls to decorate the walls of the children's room in a unique and special way.

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Punk Rock Music - Teenage youth decorative...


Wall stickers for teenagers with Punk rock motifs. 

Approximate measurements of the mounted children's vinyl (width x height)
Basic: 100x60cm

Small: 150x100cm

Medium: 185x140cm

Large: 250x200cm

Giant: 350x250cm

    Children's space stickers - Astronaut,...


    Approximate measurements of the mounted children's sticker (width x height)

    Basic: 75x45cm

    Small: 125x70cm

    Medium: 160X75cm

    Large: 210x140cm

    Giant: 300X175 cm

    6 reviews
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    2 brothers on a rocket - Stickers to...


    Perfect decorative stickers to fill shared rooms with magic. Each figure is independent, glue them together creating the mural that best suits your space.


    Approximate measurements of the mounted children's sticker (width x height)

    Basic: 65x45 cm

    Small: 110x70 cm

    Medium: 145x100 cm

    Large: 200x110 cm

    Giant: 270x150 cm


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    Children's Stickers children Superhero...


    If you have a super hero at home, here we present your ideal children's vinyl. Children's vinyl for children designed to give color, motivation and joy in children's rooms. The vinyl includes the super hero boy, lightning bolts and colored stars. Install this fun illustration on your little one's wall and they will be more than happy.

    Approximate measurements of the mounted vinyl (width x height)

    Basic: 68x50cm

    Small: 100x75cm

    Medium: 150x90cm

    Large: 200x130cm

    Giant: 250x200cm


    4 reviews

      Stickers for children – Pirate assault....


      Children's vinyl with a pirate boy and a parrot. Ideal for decorating children's rooms, play areas, schools, etc. in an original and fun way. There is a pirate boy model and a pirate girl model.

      Approximate measurements of the mounted vinyl (width x height)

      Basic: 60x60cm

      Small: 90x90cm

      Medium: 120x120cm

      Large: 160x160cm

      Giant: 200x200cm


      5 reviews

        Children's world map with dinosaurs - Wall...


        Decorative vinyl with a world map full of dinosaur drawings. 

        Approximate measurements of the mounted vinyl (width x height)

        Small: 80x45cm

        Medium: 110x60cm

        Large: 150x85cm

        Giant: 200x110cm

        Super Giant: 250x140 cm

          BOY READING KNIGHT- Decorative wall...


          Designer stickers to decorate children's spaces and reading areas. The pack includes the knight reading and other decorative accessories that expand the mural.


          Approximate measurements of the sticker installed (width x height)

          Basic: 70x40 cm

          Small: 110x65 cm

          Medium: 150x75 cm

          Large: 210x100 cm

          Giant: 290x150 cm

            Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus - Wall...


            Wall stickers to decorate children's spaces, filling them with originality, color and fun. High quality products and very easy to install.

            Never tickle a dragon when it is asleep.

            Approximate measurements of the mounted vinyl (width x height)

            Basic: 45x50 cm

            Small: 75x80 cm

            Medium: 95x100 cm

            Large: 150x160 cm

            Giant: 170x180 cm

              Wall stickers for young people - Surfer...


              Stickers for boys and girls willing to set trends and wanting to redecorate their rooms with a lot of personality.



              Basic: 70x50cm

              Small: 110x100cm

              Medium: 150x110cm

              Large: 200x150cm

              Giant: 260x200cm

                Wall stickers for boys and girls -...


                Transform the walls of children's rooms into an original mural full of superhero and superheroine masks. Choose the color combination that you like the most and create a super original, fun wall full of wonderful powers.



                12 masks and 12 stars

                Sheet size: 2 sheets of 30x30 cm

                Mount size: 120X85cm

                Size of the masks: 11x8 cm, 12x6 cm and 10x4 cm

                Combination up to 4 colors

                  Youth wall stickers - Space


                  Renew the youth room with this fantastic wall vinyl with space motifs. Rockets, stars, planets, spaceships... 

                  Sizes (width x height)

                  Basic: 100x60 cm

                  Small: 150x100cm

                  Medium: 185x140cm

                  Large: 250x200cm

                  Giant: 350x250cm

                    Fluorescent stars - Decorative vinyl


                    Fluorescent stars of different sizes. Funny and original vinyls that glow in the dark.

                    vinyl measurements

                    Sheet size: 30x40 cm

                    Units and sizes: 25 Stars. Between 4 and 14 cm wide

                    10 reviews