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Children's stickers for babies - Elephant on the moon - Baby decoration

Reference: Star339

Approximate measurements of the mounted vinyl (width x height)

Basic: 70x50cm

Small: 100x55cm

Medium: 160x70cm

Large: 220x100cm

Giant: 335x160cm


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Color combination
  • c2 White
  • c7 Light pink
  • c15 Mint
  • c18 Gray blue
  • C27 Terracotta
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Product Accessories

Garland of light - Pomme

€22.50 €19.13

Luminous garland in shades of apple green, tangerine, light blue and navy blue. Cotton balls, made by hand, with led lights inside. A beauty to decorate children's or baby rooms, living rooms, halls... Decorative products that allow you to give a special touch in any corner. At StarStick we have a large assortment of garlands, choose the combination that best suits your style.

20 cotton balls of 6 cm in diameter each
Color: Apple green, tangerine, light blue and navy blue
3 meters of cable from the first to the last ball
1 meter of cable from the last ball to the battery box


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Children's stickers for babies - Elephant on the moon - Baby decoration

Are you looking for a charming way to decorate your baby's room? We have just what you need! We present our beautiful decorative vinyl with the image of a sleeping elephant on the moon. This model is perfect for creating a sweet and cozy atmosphere in your little one's room. In addition, our vinyls are specially designed for babies, so you can be sure that you are acquiring a safe and high-quality product. Transform your baby's room into a magical space full of tenderness with our decorative vinyls.


Sheet size: 30x45 cm
Mount size: 70x50cm
Moon size: 30 cm wide x 40 cm high
Stars: between 2 and 7 cm wide
12 stars

Sheet size: 60x45 cm
Mount size: 100x70cm
Moon size: 46 cm wide x 55 cm high
Stars: between 3 and 11 cm wide
16 stars

Sheet size: 60x67.5 cm
Mount size: 160x90cm
Moon size: 53 cm wide x 64 cm high
Stars: between 4 and 13 cm wide
20 stars

Sheet size: 135x60cm
Mount size: 220x120cm
Moon size: 70 cm wide x 93 cm high in 2 pieces
Stars: between 5 and 20 cm wide
20 stars
In the large size, the moon comes in two parts (for printing, installation, and price reasons). At the time of installation, overlap the two parts by a few millimeters so that the union will not be noticeable.

Sheet size: 135x100cm
Mount size: 335x180cm
Moon size: 97 cm wide x 130 cm high
Stars: between 8 and 30 cm wide
25 stars

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