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Sleeping eyes/ Sleepy eyes - Wall stickers

Reference: Basic Star018


Mount Size: 43x11cm
Size of each eye: 20.4 x 11 cm

Mount Size: 65x17
Size of each eye: 30 x 16.6 cm

Mount size: 90x23cm
Size of each eye: 42 x 23 cm



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Color combination
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  • c1 black
  • c2 White
  • c3 Light grey
  • c4 Dark gray
  • c5 Sand
  • c6 Pink
  • c7 Light pink
  • c8 Fuchsia
  • c9 Strawberry
  • c10 Purple
  • c11 Dark purple
  • c12 Lavender
  • c13 Lime green
  • c14 Green
  • c15 Mint
  • c16 Turquoise
  • c17 Blue
  • c18 Sky blue
  • c18 Gray blue
  • c20 Dark gray blue
  • c21 Mustard
  • c22 Yellow
  • c23 Orange
  • c24 Tangerine
  • c25 Red
  • C26 Dark terracotta
  • C27 Terracotta
  • C28 Light terracotta
  • C29 Mystic
  • C30 Light mystic
  • C31 Olive
  • C32 Olight olive
  • C33 Beige
  • C34 Ocher
  • C36 Aquamarine
  • C37 Light Aquamarine
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Sleeping eyes/ Sleepy eyes - Wall stickers

If you are looking to give a modern and original touch to the walls of your home, the "Sleepy eyes" decorative vinyls are an excellent option. These vinyls are perfect for decorating a baby, boy, girl's room or even to add a fun and creative touch to the decoration of an adult bedroom. The "Sleepy eyes" trend has gained popularity in recent years for its simplicity and elegance. These stickers come in the form of a pair of closed eyes with long, curved eyelashes, creating a "dream" effect on the wall. In addition, they are available in different sizes and colors so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. You can use the "Sleepy eyes" stickers as the main element of decoration on a wall or combine them with other stickers and decorative objects to create a unique and personalized composition.


Mount Size: 43x11cm
Size of each eye: 20.4 x 11 cm

Mount Size: 65x17
Size of each eye: 30 x 16.6 cm

Mount size: 90x23cm
Size of each eye: 42 x 23 cm

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